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CASE&SOUL is a lightweight tabletop game for telling action-packed stories in the mecha genre. Built on a slimline version of the Blades in the Dark ruleset, CASE&SOUL features:

  • 6 lightweight CASE playbooks & a pool of CASE moves
  • 9 lightweight STATION playbooks w/ specific STATION moves
  • 27 playbook-agnostic SOUL moves
  • 3 basic Crew types
  • Stripped-down Entanglements & Downtime
  • A simple Faction system, with a Shakeup mechanic to keep affiliations fluid and fresh between Missions

CASE&SOUL is designed for one-shots and short to mid length campaigns. Alternatively, ignore the CASE playbooks and just use it to tell modern or sci-fi stories with the STATION playbooks!

Character sheets, Crew sheet, Faction trackers & Rules reference can be found here! Make a copy to edit them for your own group.

This is an initial playtest alpha release - that is to say, the very first version of the game. Playtest feedback is critical at this point of development! If you have thoughts, please forward them to weregazelle@gmail.com, using the subject line 'CASE&SOUL FEEDBACK'.

If this is a playtest alpha, why is it $5?
While this is a playtest version, the game is largely feature complete. It is built to be a lightweight, low-pagecount game and I won't be expanding it largely beyond what is there. It's a full, playable product even at this stage, and as such I'm putting a price tag on it.

If this is outside of your budget for whatever reason, consider grabbing a community copy!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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"CASE&SOUL is designed for one-shots and short to mid length campaigns"

What do you think is the optimal campaign length for Case & Soul? As for me I usually do campaigns lasting 10-15 sessions of 3 hours each. 


Hi Briar, thanks for creating another fantastic game—I really like what you’ve done here! This (along with Armour Astir) should be on the radar of anyone interested in the intersection between narrative-forward gaming and mecha anime (aka the best intersection).  The playbooks absolutely rule, and I also really dig the streamlined faction mechanics. 

Anyhow, just wanted to point out some issues I noticed in the text. Both the Fallouts section and character sheet refer to Personal Heat, but this statistic isn’t defined anywhere. 

It’s also missing an explanation of how you determine the value of your three attributes; I think I figured it out from context & from comparison to other FitD games but would like to see an explanation in this text somewhere. 

The Captain playbook’s move ‘Underlings’ feels like an instance of giving the player permission to do something I would have assumed they could do already. Might be worth a second look or a bit of clarification. 

Also, this is more of a personal thing, but I tend to like my rule sets as lean as reasonably possible, and I honestly really like the density that this game is at right now. My (no longer secret) hope is that going forward it won’t become much more complex, e.g., by adding a lot of new systems.

Anyway, awesome stuff—thanks again for making another winner! :) 

Hi! Some initial feedback:

Page 4: I'm not sold on Status clocks starting at +2, AND resetting at +2. You say that changes with Status are slow, however I don't feel it. In a single mission you could almost boost the Status by 2, cause if you do well, you could gain 3 steps, so moving from +2 to the first reset, then ending with a +3... almost ready to go up again. Maybe a start from 0, and reset to 0, like the old Hx on Apocalypse World, could be better suited.

Page 5, under Devil's Machine: its goals.

About the Gooser move: mmm... I don't feel it's a good move. I mean, do you usually roll, at your table, when killing a defenceless poor person with your mecha!?

About Case Merge: do all the Cases need this move to actually merge together, or just one? I suppose the latter.

Optimizer: its limits.

Routine Maintenance: its maximum.

Page 9, Experienced: up to

Spotlight: do you have to spend the Beat together? Or can you simply count them, and when you reach 3 you clear stress?


Hi, thanks! I'll look at clarifying some of this stuff.