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Four Pilot and two Support playbooks for Armour Astir: Advent.

- The Wither, who wields forbidden or taboo magics
- The Adrift, brought to this world from another
- The Advocate, a fierce defender of the natural world
- The Revenant, ready to die a second time for the cause
- The Icon, a celebrity and an artist here to leave their mark
- The Commander, a squad leader with a custom ardent

These are early versions of these playbooks presented for playtest purposes, and as such are available for free! If you want to support Armour Astir, go rate it 5 stars and tell your friends.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorBriar Sovereign
TagsFantasy, LGBT, Mechs, Multiplayer


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I won't lie, I'm kind of disappointed. Between this and the core book I was hoping for some kind of Knightly channeler playbook, or otherwise one that expresses martial skill through their Astir one way or another. But every playbook is some kind of spellcaster aesthetic, none of them suit how I approach a fantasy mecha game, or more generally allow for Mecha genre tropes.

The game otherwise is very good, I like it a great deal, but even with this supplement there's no playbooks that engage me.


These are great! The Advocate and Revenant are both rad, and I love that the Icon is simultaneously a Macross idol and the Bard stand-in.

The Commander is also very cool and fills a niche our table was looking for - our carrier is a converted aircraft carrier with a fighter wing still on-board and we wanted a way to represent that in sorties!


You had me at "forbidden or taboo magics!"