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Five Pilot and three Support playbooks for Armour Astir: Advent.

- The Wither, who wields forbidden or taboo magics
- The Adrift, brought to this world from another
- The Advocate, a fierce defender of the natural world
- The Revenant, ready to die a second time for the cause
- The Summoner, able to bind powerful beings to their service
- The Icon, a celebrity and an artist here to leave their mark
- The Attendant, a dedicated butler with a retinue of staff
- The Commander, a squad leader with a custom ardent

This is a final release candidate playtest version.

28/12/22 - Fixed a whole bunch of spelling mistakes.

27/01/23 - Added some updated wording from the core book.

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StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorBriar Sovereign
TagsFantasy, LGBT, Mechs, Multiplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


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Am I silly or are there no character sheets for this one? I know advent had the materials kits with fillable sheets, but I can not find anything for encore.

no sheets for this one yet! it's still in a vague prototype stage. i'll knock out some final sheets once i'm totally happy with them.

monthly community copies?

Apologies for using this for a rules question, but I want to play a Summoner and I have some issues understanding how binding actually works.

Are there any specific rules as to when bound spirits are released and how binding new spirits is supposed to work, or is this meant to be up to each group's discretion? Right now I just assume that they are released when all of the power is spent, but I have no idea how the re-binding(?) is supposed to work.

Aside from that, I'm a big fan of the game! Finally managed to get a campaign off the ground last year and it's a real blast.

Bound spirits are released when they run out of Power typically, but you can also willingly release them. They might break your binding early if you give them reason to, but that's a narrative thing. Re-binding them would work the same as bdinging them to begin with; if they're willing to work with you, or you can force them into it somehow, you just assign them Power again.


thanks for the clarification!

(7 edits)

The adrift playbook feels like its missing something? It has the home gravity clock from "love, love, love". Which seems like the adrift is growing more and more homesick which is powering their magic? It feels backwards to me, like their magic should grow weaker the more they yearn for home? Maybe it should be changed to "stranger in a strange land" and represent adapting to the new world they are in?

Maybe give them two competing clocks. 1 being the love of home and 1 being the love of the new world. When one completes Channel goes up, the other channel goes down?

Also the adrift's move "Draw Your Bath And Load Your Gun"  is just a worse version of "Fade", as you have to roll to gain spotlight and might introduce a complication with no added benefit. Id recommend changing it entirely or at least giving +2 spotlight, or advancing the +HOME clock, or some other benefit to justify the downsides.

It feels like the playbook wants there to be a bigger struggle over returning home, but mechanically it has little to do with that?

Advocate' s +3 channel feels like too much with no downside. I would recommend making their channel tied to how close they are to nature? Fighting on a plain or in the ocean? +3 CHANNEL, Fighting in a coal factory? +1 CHANNEL. This would also lend more power to their "A Greener World" move letting them increase their CHANNEL on a 12 as they increase the presence of nature around them.

Revanant has the same issue as Advocate, but it bothers me a little less as it does have a downside, it's just that the downside is entirely rp based. Maybe give them 1 downtime token instead of 2, as they have a hard time relating to the mortal world now?

The Icon,

 is there a reason "Performance" replaces B-plot instead of being a B-plot alternative? Being unable to do a downtime scene seems like a major disadvantage.  I could see it being a choice they make at the start of the sortie, one or the other, but denying a normal B-plot seems like too much to me.


(Just wanted to tag a reply on here to say I've seen this and will get back to a proper reply sometime soon!)

Ok! So;

Re: Draw Your Bath And Load Your Gun, it's done in addition to your Downtimes - it doesn't replace them.

I wanted to keep the thing with the Adrift's clock pretty simple, but I could maybe look at making it more interesting.

Re: the Advocate, I usually give out CHANNEL based on if the playbook has mechanics that cause them to lose it and what kind of moves the playbook has that use it. Advocate only has one move that directly uses it, and it's purely a supportive move you're likely to only roll once per session. Outside of that, the only thing you have naturally to use it on is Weave Magic - anything else, you'll need to go out of your way to get by taking a move. That said, I like the idea of tuning it more into the local environment. Look for that in a fuiture version.

Revenant I'm comfortable with, since their CHANNEL can decline with their one move that naturally uses it. 

Re: Performance, it replaces it becuase I wanted the Idol to be focused on that. When it's showtime, that's what you're doing - not lurking around doing downtimes.

there will be more community copies?

(4 edits)

Hi! Love the game so much, i'm running two campaigns for it simultaneously <3 quick question, then some feedback!

1. Are there meant to be blurbs explaining the keywords Adapted and Impact? I couldn't find them anywhere in the base game, and some players were asking me about them.

2. The Icon move 'Perspective' feels a little undertuned -- I don't see too much that it gives you that a dispel uncertainties roll wouldn't. maybe some sort of interaction with gravity clocks could give it more narrative weight? Making a project more complicated at the cost of adding gravity clock wedges, for instance?

Hi there, really dig these! In the game my group is about to play, I'm using the Revenant and one of the other players is using the Summoner.

QQ about the Revenant: Is the idea that, by default, the Revenant can get out of their Astir in their own corpse? Like are they reanimated in the Astir and that covers when they're on foot, or are they stuck in it unless they take Ethereal Form? Apologies if it's a silly question!


the wither and advocate both having 3 channel with no downsides seems far too powerful

"you are killed in a spectacular fashion at the nearest
suitable moment"

So is this the final version or will there be more updates? It says it's a playtest.


there'll be tweaks/fixes based on feedback


I think there's a typo on the gravity trigger for the adrift, I think it should say "whenever you trigger your +home clock from love,love,love" instead of "form love,love,love"


ty for catching that!


I won't lie, I'm kind of disappointed. Between this and the core book I was hoping for some kind of Knightly channeler playbook, or otherwise one that expresses martial skill through their Astir one way or another. But every playbook is some kind of spellcaster aesthetic, none of them suit how I approach a fantasy mecha game, or more generally allow for Mecha genre tropes.

The game otherwise is very good, I like it a great deal, but even with this supplement there's no playbooks that engage me.

I still haven't gotten a chance to play, and I haven't read the book in a while, but as I recall, you don't have to play a channeler playbook to acquire an astir through advancement and spend the whole rest of the game as a pilot.


These are great! The Advocate and Revenant are both rad, and I love that the Icon is simultaneously a Macross idol and the Bard stand-in.

The Commander is also very cool and fills a niche our table was looking for - our carrier is a converted aircraft carrier with a fighter wing still on-board and we wanted a way to represent that in sorties!


You had me at "forbidden or taboo magics!"