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Hi for business contact, would you have an email?

now i am not saying the rad dude in the second image is a foggernaut from dofus/wakfu lore and stuff but...that's totally a foggernaut 😳


Playing a mech rpg that blends the fantasy with science fiction in such a precise way so as to be distinct from cyberpunk games like Shadowrun, this is everything one could want from a PbtA science fantasy game.

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is there a medic class in this TTRPG?... because I want to play as one.

I'm working my way through it and I'm really excited to play it!

On page 59 under Advancement, "Choose a new Move from the Soldier Moves" is listed twice. Is this a typo?


Is there plans for a print version?

Not currently!


Have absolutely loved this game, from the mechanics to the art, everything is on point.. Are there any plans for a print release? I'd love to have a paperback copy on my shelves.

Hello! I'm deffo buying the purchase version as soon as I can but meanwhile looking at the free version, I'm loving the art credits but I'm specifically floored by the cover art and the 4 iconics on this page, too. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find it on the credits - does anyone know who that (or those) artist is(are)?


derp found the devlog on the cover reveal, my bad.

Cover by Zack Morrison if anyone else has the same question!

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I'm excited to see this is finished! Hopefully I'll be able to get this in the future when I have a similarly eager group.

Speaking of, may I ask what your policy is on sharing the PDF with other group members of the same campaign- would I be able to share (edit: or print for in-person sessions) it/parts of it (such as the playbooks) with others so long as they didn't further distribute it past that, or would you prefer they buy a copy as well to access it?


Thank you for creating this I love it :)

What is the new update of today?


Minor spelling / grammar corrections.

from what i went through i am immensely excited to have a go at playing this someday. everything about it has some many things i personally enjoy.

but (and i hope this is a good place to ask) im a little confused are ardents and what they could do (what tags work for em n what not).

other than that. it's amazin.


Guess what, I just made a review video for this thing! Why? Why not?

the art on the aries page screenshot looks suspiciously like a foggernaut..


This is a great, beautiful game, and I can’t wait to play it.


can I get confirmation on the pronunciation of "Astir?" I default to "asTEER", but I've also heard "a-STIR," and "ACE-ter."


it is TECHNICALLY a-STIR, but im not a cop and also i forget which is the right one half the time too

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This looks really exciting, and might scratch that mecha itch I've had. I've read through the (what I think is) most recent version in the zip document, though I haven't played it yet so some of my questions might need experience to be played through/are somewhere in the pdf and I just haven't seen it yet.

1. How is the "Sortie->Downtime->Conflict" cycle supposed to go? What about, say, a multi-sortie mission where the characters are in the field for a long time between major components- would downtime be skipped, or would options be restrained to the narrative?

2. The Conflict turns seem... vauge when it comes to resolving them. What's the relation between tokens and dice for the cause? How would you get players from trying to game the system for the cause?

3. Are projects ever explained somewhere?

4. Am I able to print out copies of the playbooks?

5. I've never used PbtA in general; can multiple people use the same playbook?

6. Some of the Parts lack power costs

7. If you're running a B-plot, could you take other characters (Channeler or no) with you? Like, say you're a captain going to attend a shady meeting and want the guy who can atomize a house along as muscle while everyone else is doing something important- could I use a B-Plot move for that, or would that be better done as the "Something Else" downtime?

8. As a follow-up, can multiple support characters use separate B-plot moves?

9. Gear Tags/Traits aren't alphabetical

10. Are multiple people allowed to run the same playbook for their characters?

11. The Stake for divisions seems kinda low- with an average of 3 and 1d6, that's a 50 percent chance of knocking stake down. Is a faction intended to be KO'd in three conflict scenes? 

12. An explanation of "Hold" would be useful for anyone who hasn't played  PbtA.

13. In FATE, there's an option to Create an Advantage, such as entangling someone in a net. What would be the way to do that here- for example PC Bob is fighting NPCs Steven and Earl, and Earl tries to flush Bob out of cover for Steven to hit. Would that just be Bob rolling Weather the Storm/whatever and on failure taking a Peril?

14. Is Weave Magic intended to be used for the same capabilities as Exchange Blows/Strike Decisively? If not, could you roll CHANNEL for the other ones?

15. Are you able to take the options from advancing multiple times? Or is each option only takeable once, and thus there is an effective "Level cap"- For example, I can only get up to 2 Soldier Moves throughout a campaign because the option only appears twice.

16. When describing Spotlight, the "If you take a move..." sentence at the end could use clearer writing- is that saying that I can spend all of my spotlight to both a) advance and b) make a move with advantage?

17. Am I correct in assuming that Confidence and Desperation cancel out?

18. Advancement can happen whenever, correct?

19. If you permanently get rid of a hook by spending it, can you gain another one later? Same with crossed-out gravity clocks.


5 and 10 are the same question. And to answer that question specifically, you *can* run it that way, but it's better if you don't, at least in other PBTA games. in the other PBTA games I've read, it's made clear that playbooks aren't just your class, they're also your role in the narrative, and guidelines for your character's story, so it can be done but it can feel like stepping on eachother's toes if two people are taking the same one.


Is there a place where I can get a print copy?  ( Sorry if you already posted this... )

There are no print copies available unfortunately!


( Raises hand. )  I would love to buy one if you ever get that far.  :)

Would the game break if all the crew were support playbooks?


Probably not? It'd be a weird game though I think

Hi! Love the game, very excited to run it with a couple of my groups, and I'd LOVE to have a playbooks + reference PDF to send them. I saw your comments about wanting form-fillable sheets, and I'd be happy to convert a non-fillable PDF to fillable. Or edit & convert the old ones, which are apparently no longer available? Feel free to hit me up here or @aaronmfking on Twitter. Thanks!

Hey! I can actually update these myself, it's just a lot of work I don't want to really do until playbooks are locked down, because Scribus is a very unwieldy little piece of software.

A new version? Highlights?


Downtime was completely rewritten!


The updated conflict turn is really cool. It feels a lot less restrictive and more dynamic!




good art


Wow, this looks wonderful and promising! I can't wait to dig into the PDF. Thanks for this neat looking game!

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This game is awesome, played a couple of sessions and it's amazing how effectively the exchange blows/risk system works for both combat and discussions. We had players exchanging blows to judo throw mechs, to question someone's beliefs, and to flirt! Is there a discord for players of this game? Would love to find more people who are interested!

Glad to hear you're having a good time with ! As for the discord, here's a link :

Deleted 2 years ago this one should work! sorry about that

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Hi! Thanks for the update to the book. PS: at page 10 there's a:"Once you 6 Spotlight".

Also, I can't fully understand the 4th option in the B-Plan move:"Cut away from the Sortie during a moment when time is precious, giving everyone room to think."

Is this a metagame room to think? I mean, are the players that are no more pressed on, and can take a brake at the game table, to discuss some matters about the actual situation? Or, is this an in-game thing, that "break/pause" the mission, giving extra time to the characters to do "things"?

And, if the right one is the latter, what is that room useful for? Can they roll other moves with no fear that the opposition make moves in fiction? However with a 6- something have to happen... Or am I totally wrong and I can't grasp the whole thing?

You could put extra explainations about that in the example part at page 31, if you feel this useful.


Thanks for finding that! And yeah, the moment provided by B-Plot is a metatextual one. The b-plot player is basically moving the 'camera' over to their scene for a while, letting the other players think about their situation until the focus is back on them.

Page 59, the last word of the mail text is missing a ".", or maybe some following word. 

About the Appendix Tables, I suggest to call them "d66", not 2d6. Because... you know.

Thanks again!

I have never seen a game that i could play Gundam style while still being wholly unique, not sure about the system yet but the theme and such is top notch!

Nabbed an community copy not too long back, liked it but was busy with other stuff. Just saw the new artwork and extras in the latest update and it pushed me over the edge, just bought a copy!

Whoever gets that community copy better keep the ball rolling! Great work Weregazelle!


Will there be a blade's of darkness version of this?

you'd probably be better off taking the systems and rules from beam saber (which is blades in the dark, as I assume you meant), and adjusting them to an armour astir fantasy setting instead of a galactic war.

this game looks extremely good and im super excited to play it!!!

I have a question regarding Reserve. The section on creating your own Astir says that certain parts and weapons cost Reserve in order to be chosen. How does one determine how much reserve a given player has to begin with? Is it equivalent to Supply, or something else?

I'm liking what I've already read and am looking forward to playing this game. Thanks for making it!

hey! the mentions of reserve are a holdover from an earlier system. astir parts take up mana now, not reserve! this language will be cleared up in a future update.


I haven't read that much of the PDF yet, but I just wanted to say that this line under Read the Room: "On a failure, you may ask one of the above questions immediately, but the answer creates a problem or puts you in danger" made me go "Yes!"

I hate coming up with 6- results for "investigation" type moves. I think this will make it much easier!

thankyou! I like to leave 6- open to hard moves most of the time, but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself for something specific I can't resist...