Armour Astir: Advent v1.5: Final Major Update!

Armour Astir: Advent v1.5! Final Major Update

After a long time, I'm finally finished adding things to this game. Frankly, given that this is a solo project outside of the art contributors, I should have stopped a while ago - but here we are. 1.5 adds, of note;

  • A new Downtime Scene and some clarifications/edits to the Conflict Turn Cycle. Expect the Conflict Turn to be more weighted towards the Authority now... unless you plan and prepare to undermine them and swing things your way.
  • New optional rules for Multi-sided and Generational campaigns. Generational campaigns hugely inspired by Microscope by Ben Robbins, of course.
  • A new example setting designed to demo both of the above! The Academy Arcane is largely inspired by FE: Three Houses. Come make friends and then explode them on the battlefield a decade later. Frankly I don't know if anyone uses the example settings, but one more won't hurt.
  • Additionally, a new Mission Hook! Check out Escort Duty, and hope your wards don't move faster than your walk speed but slower than your sprint speed.
  • A bunch of smaller edits, fixes, clarifications and additions.

With this, what's next for Armour Astir? Not a tonne. Until such a day that a physical version exists, I have the digital luxury of further edits and clarifications, but these will likely be small and far between. On the subject of a physical version; this is still something I'd love to do! But I work a full time job, have no experience in physical publishing, and even less experience in selling stuff like that. If you're reading this and you're a company that would be interested in partnering with me to oversee that kind of thing, get in touch.

What's next for Briar Kimberly Sovereign? Well, that's a more complicated answer. Coming up in exactly one month: CASE&SOUL! I'll be re-releasing it here, with a new layout, a bunch more content, a full GM section and a gorgeous new cover. Additionally, I'll be running an itchfunding campaign at release to fund even more art and even more content.

Additionally, I've been playing around with a new prototype recently called WEIRD SCIENCE. It's inspired by FIST, Songbirds 3E, and Limbus Company; look out for a playtest version of that soon-ish. Additionally, RED WEST continues to be chipped away at. This one's a big task, so I'm not going to make any promises regarding a newer playtest for it; once I'm done with a first full draft, RED WEST is big enough that I'll be shopping it around privately probably.

There's also a few smaller prototypes and little projects I mess around with from time to time - but nothing ready to show on that front. Maybe later.

From start to finish, Armour Astir was a huge, long project, an experiment in making something massive and complicated that probably wold have crashed and burned a dozen times over if it wasn't for those dedicated folks who always advocated for me and my messy little fantasy. Thank you all so much. Armour Astir has, and will always be, made for you.

- Briar Sovereign

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I bought through DrivethruRPG, it looks like the version there hasn't been updated.

Are the additional Playbooks in Armour Astir: Encore compatible / updated with this 1.5 version? 
(or maybe the update didn't touch any element present into the Playbooks)


should be compatible! no core rules got changed notably. if you do spot anythign that no longer lines up let me know and I'll fix it


I've yet to get an opportunity to play this, but it's one of the select few games I keep close at hand on whatever device I have for a read-through when I have time. I'm so excited to see the new content!


So excited to check out the final version! I had a blast playing with my friends.


I love the updated content, such as the new campaign riffing on Three Houses.

However, the Dance and Diviner repeat the profiles of the two example Astirs mentioned in The Ghost Reaches. It was a little weird to be reading about the Faces of Progress and the Isle of Kings again.


i knew i missed something!! it'll get fixed tonight


This thing is a triumph. Ran one of the best campaigns of my 20 years playing TTRPGs with an earlier version of the game. I can only imagine how much fun we'd have now. Thanks for your hard work.


<3 Thanks for the great game!