Cover Reveal & New Version!

Hello! As the first devlog of 2020, I'd like to thank everyone who has played and supported the game so far.  With a little luck, this thing will be finished and fully released before the end of the year. There's a lot new, so let's hit the highlights:

Cover Reveal!
The game now has new cover art, by Zack Morrison! I was thrilled to work with Zack to design my cover, and I think they did an excellent job of capturing the energy of the game as well as a cast of characters I already love.

I rewrote most of the Astir system again! Whoops. If you're already running a game, don't sweat it trying to get everything updated to match unless you want to. It should be fine.

AA: Ascent
You might notice the sci-fi section, previously titled Armour Astir: Ascent, has mysterious vanished from the book. That's because, as it turns out, updating and maintaining two versions the majority of the game's content in parallel was a lot of work! It also inflated the page count a bunch. While I still plan to provide some sci-fi alternatives to a lot of the game's fantasy flavouring, I'm going to hold off until the game is finished mechanically to do so. It just makes more sense!

Pricing & Community Copies
You might have also noticed that the game is no longer listed as free on Itch! This is for a few reasons. Primarily, the way the page was set up before made it impossible for me (as far as I know) to offer community copies (since the thing that costed money was an alternative file), something that I'll be doing from now on! I intend to make a handful of free copies available per month, and also add additional copies whenever someone purchases the game and pays above the $15 asking price.

As a side effect of this (I think) everyone who had claimed or purchased the game before, $15 or not, will now have access to the full game. While this represents some lost sales, I'm happy to foot those in exchange for making it more clear which file is the 'main' version of the game and the ability to offer community copies. If you had previously paid $15 and are feeling a little burned that you paid for the game when you might have gotten it for less in this switch, I understand. However, remember the free version of the game has (and will always be) available, and that your purchases are what makes it easier for me to justify continuing to spend the time I do on the game, as well as literally helping pay for expanding it with more art from people like Zack. 

If, for whatever reason during this switch, you've lost or don't have access to the game when you think you should have it, get in touch and I can hook you back up.

There's now a discord for Armour Astir! Feel free to drop in and share stories from your games, help workshop rules and report mistakes or inconsistencies, and so on. Please remember to read the rules, and drop by the pronouns channel to pick yours out from the bot!

As I am very busy, I won't be able to pay a lot of attention to the discord at all times. As such, the best way to contact me or provide longer-form feedback is still through email ( Additionally, I'll be looking for a few people to help with moderation should the discord grow enough to warrant it.

That's everything I need to cover, I think. So, until the next version;



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